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Set up your SliTaz development environment

Install the development package and it’s dependencies with the following command:

# tazpkg -gi tazdev

Create the isolated chroot environment for development:

# tazdev -gc

su to root (password: root)
chroot to the development environment:

# tazdev chroot

Install the utilities needed to start cooking:

# tazpkg recharge
# tazpkg -gi cookutils

Clone the wok repository or create one for personal use:

# cook setup --wok //clone the wok to build official packages
# cook setup //create a wok from scratch for personal use

cd to /home/slitaz and cook the slitaz-doc package as a start:

# cd /home/slitaz
# cooker pkg slitaz-doc

You will find the package created under the /home/slitaz/packages directory.
The downloaded source packages and source code for the packages will be present under the src and wok directories. cd around to get accustomed to various directories and files.

Recreate a chroot
If a chroot seems broken or needs to be rebuilt. Exit the chroot and unmount the virtual system (/home is kept) as root. From the corresponding conspy session:
# tazdev clean-chroot
# tazdev gen-chroot
# tazdev chroot
/# tazpkg recharge
/# cook setup
/# cooker